Students Take Part In
Christmas Parade
December 3

  Wills Point’s annual Christmas parade looked like a school campus parade last Friday, December 3.
  The high school float, entitled “Up on the Housetop,” featured Santa Claus, Jerry Estes, with a bag of gifts going down the chimney.

  The junior high float emphasized how much they wanted a state football championship for Christmas. Riding the float were Ellis Robertson, Dale Scott, and Mike Lindsey, football players; Tommy Deen and Jack James, basketball players; and Lauree Longacre, Karen Furrh, Vicki Pratt, Karen Gunter, and Jeanette Ferguson, cheerleaders.
  The elementary school expressed the eagerness of Julie Allred, Nancy Hagler, and Janice Powers for Christmas to arrive in a big letter to Santa addressed to the North Pole.   

  The Latin Club added color and interest to the parade by having Ronald Evans and James McKnight roman slaves, pulling the chariot of Dale Travis. Two roman soldiers, Larry Geddie and Cary Conn walked beside the chariot.
  The FFA float featured Miss Peggy Vinson, FFA Sweetheart, seated in a sled. Greenhands Danny Day and Ted Jones were on the float with Peggy.

  The FHA float was entitled “Key to the Future.” Beauty was added to the theme by the appearance of Rosalee Hall, Willene Woolverton, Sherry Lasater, Cindy Moses, Donna Thompson, Polly McCully, and Martha Kinney dressed in white formals.

  The Student Council featured the Homecoming Queen Joyce McFarland and Duchesses Mary Woodruff, Dianne Deen, Peggy Vinson and Ginger Roberts. The girls rode in a red convertible.
  The Wills Point school lunchroom wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Their representatives were Brenda Truett, Linda Kennemer, Melanie and Kirk Wilson, Kathy Hall and Harold Sprague.
  The local MYF featured a large candle encircled by cedar branches with the slogan “May This Candle Enlighten Your Holiday Season.” Junior MYF members Susan and Sally Hollandsworth, Frances and Kathy Pierce, and Malia Ashley rode the float.
  The PTC float featured a world globe with “the children of the world” seated around it. The elementary students, dressed in appropriate native costumes, were Susan Burfoot, Marilyn Fuller, Kathy McLeod, Polly Jamieson, Jessie Gonzales, Bill Huff, Guy Herrin, James Lyons, and Jeremiah Webber.
  High school students driving cars and tractors pulling floats were Billy Parker, Glen Holt, Randy Rankin, Buddy Weathers, Donnie McFarland, Jimmy Langford, Jimmy Warren, Win Murrey, Jimmy Truett, and Dickey Mullin.

         ------- On To State Big Blue -------

Editors note: Folks the paper had me listed as being on two floats. As I remember it, I rode the FFA float. Also, I think that Dianne Deen rode the Football Sweetheart float but she and I both were duchesses ... we just didn't get to ride with them in the parade! ~~Peggy

Dear Santa: I am four years old and have tried to be good this year! My stocking will be over the fireplace at my grandparents, Goggy and Dade Wingo’s house. Please fill it with candy and bubble gum, a metal cement mixer, and tow truck, boat, raceway, and some records. Remember my cousins Tim and Phillis will be in Wills Point with me— I love you, Stephen David Joyce.

Dear Santa: My name is Carolyn Sue and I am 4 ˝ years old. I have been a good girl and hope you will come to see me. Please bring me a Baby Boo doll, some dishes for my playhouse and a cleaning set. Bring anything else you think I’d like. I love you. – Carolyn Sue Rice.

Dear Santa: My name is Little Joe. I am 1 ˝ years old and hardly know about you yet. If you come though, please bring me some little boy’s toys. I need guns, cars, and trucks at my home. I love you – Joe Martin Rice, III


12 Senior Girls Take
Betty Crocker Test For
Scholarship Award

The “Betty Crocker Search for the American Homemaker of Tomorrow Test” was given December 7 to the senior girls who were interested. The person who scores the highest in the state will receive a $1,000 scholarship to the college of her choice. Those taking the test were Polly McCully, Linda Flanagan, Carolyn Ferguson, Linda Gunter, Sheila Barnes, Linda Earnheart, Paula Furrh, Barbara Shelby, Ginger Roberts, Pat Truelock, Janet Baker and Pat Frost. The test was a multiple choice and essay on personal attitude and personality.


Breakthroughs Created
By Furrh and Longacre

With the aid of butcher paper, paints, marks-alots and a wild imagination, Paula Furrh and Walter Longacre have created impressive and colorful 9’ x 10’ breakthroughs for several of the Tiger games. The games were Homecoming, Bi-District, Regional, Quarter Finals, and the State playoff game Saturday night. “We always enjoy making them because we want the boys to know that everyone is behind them,“ stated Paula and Walter.


The Great Deer Hunt
or “Billy’s Big Kill!”

One of the Wills Point High School’s sharpest shooters, Billy Parker, gunned it down to Hawkins over the holidays to prove his marksmanship at deer hunting.
  As luck would have it, Billy, the greatest shot in the west, (so he says) didn’t kill a thing all day Thursday, but bad luck didn’t keep our trooper down.
  Friday morning he was back in the ‘woods’ stalking his prey. Then, without warning, he raised his trusty gun and downed a seven point buck.
  Being the strong, able bodied person he is, Billy decided to carry his “prize” back to his car two and one-half miles away. Over hills and through bushes he crashed his way like an early pioneer until finally he reached his car and drove off with his meals for the next two months.

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Tiger Tattler

  Ronnie Travis, are you back to your baby-sitting days again?
  Carolyn Ferguson wishes to make an apology to the Tiger Cat in order to win $20. She will not marry in the fall.
  Dianne, did you and Peggy get a homemaking lesson Friday, when you went to cut a Victory Apple?
  Mr. Turner, did you enjoy coaching the basketball players at Van Saturday night?
  Danny Mapes, is it true you were Santa Claus in the Christmas parade?
  Richard, couldn’t you sharpen Dianne’s pencil for the SAT test in Tyler Saturday?
  John Allen, you must have meant it when you said that you were going to keep the money you get for selling papers.
  Lynda Rusk, what are you trying to prove by running out of gas three times in one week?
  Ronnie, what happened to your eye? Did Jeanie get after you?
  Pat Truelock gets attention one way or the other, even if she has to faint.
  The major cause of all the power failures is the fact that all American women forget to pay the light bill at the same time.
  Paula to Walter: If it is at all possible, please don’t make this week’s break through look like modern art, like last weeks!
  If anyone knows of a 12x12 floor space, please notify Paula and Walter.  
  Bonnie Rushing has a new way to remember how to spell arithmetic: “A Red Indian Thought He Might Eat Turkey In Church.”
  Mary Woodruff, why were you and Nelda Penny so happy Monday? Could it be that a certain senior girl was absent?
  Joyce, shame on you for making Jimmy hitchhike just to come home from college.
  The Tattler would like to thank Chuck Allen, Ted Jones, Billy Parker, Dale Martin, Billy Morgan, Lynda Rusk, and Libby Craft for preparing the great bonfire for the game. Also thanks to Mr. Carl Rusk for the use of his wrecker to put up the adornment on top.
  Fanny: Mac, do you know why it takes three Aggies to pop popcorn? Mac: No. why? Fanny: One to hold the skillet and two to shake the stove.
  Who is the girl that’s real crazy about a certain Edgewood football player but doesn’t yet want to go steady with him? Could it be N.E.P. and D. J. V.?

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Catching up with...


This month our featured classmate from school is Donna Whitehead and we all remember her as Donna Dewees and Donna Rankin, Class of ‘69
  Donna married her sweetheart, Randy Rankin in the winter of 1967. They were both still in high school. They went on to finish out the school year with Randy graduating in the spring but after that year like the good little wife that she was, Donna stayed at home. Their daughter Pam was born that fall and son Rusty came along in 1970. She and Randy stayed in Wills Point and went into business. She took care of the ‘bookwork’ end of the business; they worked together and raised their children. Then in 1979 they learned that Randy had cancer and eight years later in 1987, she lost him to the disease. Shortly after his death, she sold the business and went to work in a doctor’s office. Donna stayed there for seven years until she bought the Flower Shop in Edgewood. After eight years she sold the shop and has been working for Hiett’s Lybrand Funeral Home for eighteen months. She says that she loves her job and the Hiett’s are great people to work for!
  Her children have been her life and salvation. Pam (WPHS Class of ’86) has two daughters, Cassie who is a sophomore in WPHS and on the National Honor Society and Kylie who is in the 5th grade. Rusty (WPHS Class of ’89) has a son, Rustin who is in the 3rd grade. And of course, Grandma couldn’t be prouder!
  In December 2003 Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. And after losing Randy to cancer, it was one of the darkest hours of her life. She feared for her children and grandchildren but after chemo and many prayers from family and friends she is a breast cancer survivor.
  Brother Steve Dewees, class of ’66 had a good friend who lived in Mesquite named Wayne Whitehead. He was one of her brother’s rodeo buddies and Donna had known him for many years. After time had passed they began to date and finally married. Donna and Wayne have been together for 16 years and her life is complete once again.
  When it comes to retirement Donna thinks that she’s not good at that. “I did all of my staying at home when the kids were little. I like to be out and about now”. She likes what she does and says that she eats too much when she stays home!
  Her proudest moments since school are all about her children and grandchildren. “I can’t imagine my life without them!” Donna has no regrets. She says that throughout her life, especially since she lost Randy, she’s tried to take everything that has come to her as a learning experience and something that was God’s purpose for her. 
  Her life in five words or less.... Great & very blessed!

Donna’s memories:
1) How do you remember WPHS? Lots of fun!
2) What was a fun Saturday night for you back then? Being with Randy.
3) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Usually going out to eat and ending up at Wal Mart.
4) What’s the funniest thing that you remember about WPHS? The first year that we integrated Tommy Seale told John Spencer that he was a magician. One day out on the playground (this was all pre-arranged) Tommy pretended to turn Jimmy Truett into a frog. Jimmy got down on his all fours and started ‘croaking’. I’ll never forget the way John looked.
5) What was your proudest moment in school? Being with Randy made me proud.
6) What is a secret that we never knew? Don’t think that I had any.
7) Who did you have a crush on and they never knew it? Warren Jamieson. I was supposed to go to a party with him and he got sick ... I went with Randy and it was Randy from then on.
8) Did you ever cheat on a test? Oh yeah!
9) Who was your best friend? I had many ... Carolyn Corbett, Nelda Barnett, Donna Thompson, Diane Dewees, and Phyllis Hampton.
10) What’s the craziest thing that you ever did together? Most of our craziness was after we were out of school.
11) Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Roberts
12) What did that teacher teach you that wasn’t in a book? After Randy and I married everyone was telling us that we were too young. One morning Mr. Roberts took me aside and congratulated me. He told me that if that is what we wanted to do, that it was fine. He had faith in us when others didn’t and he taught me to be true to myself.
13) What is your biggest regret? I wish that I had been friendlier to people.
14) Your very best moment in high school? The night that we won state. That whole year was magical.
15) If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? I would pay more attention in class.


Around Town...

Say hello to young Emmett Lyons Jr.! I was at the store the other day when a nice young man came over to sack my groceries whose name tag said 'Emmett'. Of course I said "what is your dad's name?" Dad's name is Emmett Lyons, class of '69, and his mom is Winnie. He says that dad still lives in Wills Point and that he's a pretty good guy! Son Emmett Jr. seemed to be a pretty good guy himself! He sure did a nice job with my groceries! Hey Emmett Jr. and hello Emmett Sr.!

I opened an email the other day from Linda Kennemer Leath, class of '69, and guess what was there? A great picture of bro' Silas Kennemer, class of '67 with his precious nephew Casey. Little Casey is Linda's grandson and we all know who Uncle Silas is! He retired from over 30 years of teaching not long ago and has been sick but he looked like he's feeling better. Silas was here for Thanksgiving and even though I didn't get to see him, I was sure glad to get this picture to share with everyone. You're lookin' good old friend! Hidy Ho, Silas!

I ran up to the store the other day to pick up some Christmas wrapping paper when I ran into Linda Jarmon Chaney wife of our Dennis, class of '66. As you all know, we lost Dennis a couple of years ago but some classmates nearly feel like Linda is one of us! She and Dennis were married for over 30 years at the time of his death and they always lived in this area. Linda also lived in WP as a young girl and several classmates knew her then. She's stayed in Wills Point and lives with her mother. Linda works at a mortgage company in Dallas and commutes daily. She and Dennis have three daughters, a son and several super grandchildren! Hellooooo Linda Lou!

I was out doing 'my thing' the other day and decided to swing by the Wills Point Junior High School and see what was going on. The first smiling face that I saw was Beverly Rushing Lane, class of '74. This lady has been the secretary for the junior high school for many years and must do a pretty good job because I don't think that they would let her leave if she wanted to. Beverly is married to Joey, a Canton boy but that's OK, I hear he's a pretty good guy! Her older sister Bonnie Jo graduated with the class of '69. Sister Debbie graduated in '70 and little brother Darrell graduated in 81'. A whole family full of WP alumni! Hey there Beverly!

While I was at the junior high school Beverly mentioned that Vicki Pratt Arnold, class of '70 was one of the teachers there so we just decided to pay her an unexpected visit. She was busy teaching her eighth graders all that they need to know when we popped in to say hello. Vicki has been a teacher in Wills Point for over 15 years and you can tell by this picture that she's got her hands full. Vicki looks great but something has really happened in the teaching profession. I remember that when we were in school our teachers were very old! Not so with this pretty lady and not too different from when she was in school and a student herself! Good to see you Vicki!

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Hey, Champs!
Where Are You?

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Fund-Raiser Bake Sale Set

There will be a bake/craft sale on December 17 at Brookshires's in Wills Point from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All proceeds will go to ovarian cancer awareness and research in memory of Cynthia Edwards Wonacott. Wonacott, a 1989 graduate of WPHS was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in August 2004. She died February 7, 2005 at the age of 34.


Stained Glass Window

If you look really close and think really hard you might remember where you’ve seen this window before.

It was removed from the old Methodist Church before it was torn down. This beautiful piece of history hangs in Mrs. Betty Read Alexander’s kitchen, WPHS class of 1950. As fellow classmate Bruce Miracle told me a few weeks ago, “it’s a shame that this building along with our old high school and other great places in town was destroyed”. I sure agree with him and know that many of you do too!

State Champs DVD
Still $23.95

Don't forget that the State Champs DVD makes a great Christmas present! If you've got someone to buy for who has 'everything' ... give them a piece of Wills Point history!
It's only $23.95! Call 903-873-8797

It's Christmas in Wills Point!

I found these Christmas lights in Vicki Bridges, class of '68, parents front yard. They are proud to be from Texas .... ya'll!

For anyone who lives out of the state now you know what you can put in your yard next Christmas!

I was driving around and just happened by Wayne Langford's home, class of '66.

He and wife Linda have really done some work on their yard. They even had a stagecoach that was being pulled by several horses! It was the best yard I've seen yet!

Here's a picture of the train caboose that sets downtown on highway 80 between the red lights. You can see the Welcome to Wills Point sign on the right and if you look to the left of it you'll see a star ... it's on top of the White Rose Monument. That's it in the background.

Fun links for Christmas!

Christmas Puzzles and Games keep everyone entertained!
Deck the House and make it snow!
Christmas Music of all kinds on Web Radio

Christmas Crafts at
Christmas Candy at Razzle Dazzler

I was at the show the other night and who did I see? My best friend Sharon Warner McEnturff and her husband Raymond. Wait! I was with them! LOL Yes, it was Peggy and Sharon at the show again.

We had a good time and KC (Karl) didn't have to tell us to quit talking or get our feet off the seat in front of us!

If you haven't visited the Majestic lately, it's been redone and you wouldn't recognize it! No stains on the ceilings! It's very modern and nice looking but some things never change. If you don't believe me just check out these pictures. The front doors and the bathroom doors haven't changed in 40 years! I wonder if the 'curtain' is still in there? (Girls you all know what I mean!)


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The Majestic Theater and movies we saw there!That's Entertainment!

Do you remember some of the movies and music from '65 and '66?

What was your favorite movie? The Majestic was the place to go on Saturday night to meet friends! All the movies from '65 and '66 are available on DVD today so now we can really watch the movies we told our parents that we saw 40 years ago!

Remember cruising? We'd make a few circles downtown ... go around the monument down to the end of main street, make a u-turn, do that three of four times ... then cross the tracks take a left at the light and head out to the Dairy Maiden 'or' Cowboys .... (according to who your talking to and what they called it) .... then you head back downtown ... or you stopped at Cowboys if you saw someone that you knew ... you left your car there if you were 'getting in' and 'riding around' with somebody else ..... ahhhh, those were the days!

Hey, gas was 31 cents a gallon in those days and there were plenty of cool cars. We were a real American Graffiti town!

We partied with our friends, played ingenious pranks on each other like pushing a car several blocks away, baby goats in the back seat, flashing emergency lights behind couples who were trying to park, and more that we can't list here. 

We have a place for your stories! Just log in to Passing Notes and post them there. Cruise through and see stories others have posted.

If you have trouble registering or logging in,
email me - Pat


If you'd like to hear music from our year and others, click anywhere on this line.

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Activities, Organizations and Memories! 

Although our football team was the biggest part of our history that year, a lot of us were taking part in other activities and school organizations. And just to bring back more memories, we included some of the movies and music from our great year.

Student Council
Mr. Troy Roberts, sponsor
Roy Deen, President and
David Teel, Vice President
Dianne Deen, Secretary

Sarah Strawn, sponsor
Joyce McFarland, Head Cheerleader
Nelda Penny, Senior
Kathy Martin, Junior
Janet Geddie, Sophomore
Dianne Dewees, Freshman
Marsha Coomer, Mascot

Candy Flowers, Drum Major
Sandy Lay, Junior
Jackie Deen, Junior
Sandra Owens, Sophomore
Melissa Hallman, Sophomore
Suzanne Lingold, Freshman
Karen Conn, Freshman

Tiger Band
"Presenting the 1965-66 Tiger Band!" Seventy-two members led by John Brown received honors such as a Division Two rating in the UIL contest; Division Three rating in concert; Division One rating in sight reading. The band performed at parades and community functions as well.

S.P.Q.R. Wills Point Chapter
Mrs. J. W. Simmons, Sponsor
Jerry Lawrence, President
John Holt, Vice President
Kathy Martin, Secretary

Speech Club
Mrs, Linnie Foster, sponsor
Steve Roberts, President
Kirk Evans, Vice President
Melissa Hallman, Secretary

F.H.A Chapter
Mrs. Glenn Roberts, Advisor
Willene Woolverton, President
Roy Deen, F.H.A Beau

F.F.A Chapter
J. T. Wiggs, Advisor
Glen Holt, President
Peggy Vinson, Sweetheart

Annual Staff
Sarah Strawn, Advisor
Dianne Deen, Editor in Chief
Alana Wilson, Assistant Editor
Ginger Roberts, Classes Editor
Chuck Allen, Sports Editor
Joyce McFarland, Organizations Editor
Ronnie Travis,