Home room officers were elected during activity period on Wednesday September 8. Each class is divided into two home rooms; each homeroom elected officers, including a president, vice-president, secretary, and two student council representatives.
  The Freshman class is sponsored by Wendell Boozer and Louise Cagle. Officers for Mr. Boozer’s homeroom are President, Jimmy Langford, vice-president, Jan Nelson, secretary, Suzanne Lingold, and student council representatives, Jennie James and Buddy Sledge.

Officers for Mrs. Cagle’s homeroom are; Carolyn Corbett, president, Dianne Dewees, vice-president, Ann Furrh, secretary, Robert Hindman and Karon Conn, student council representatives.
  The Sophmore class is sponsored by John Brown and Sarah Strawn. Officers for Mr. Brown’s homeroom are; Tom Castleberry, president, Margy Furrh, vice-resident, Vicki Bridges, secretary, Kirk Evans and Ann Hollandsworth, student council representatives.

Officers for Mrs. Strawn’s homeroom are; president, Danny Teel, vice-president, Mickey Blake Robertson, secretary, Willene Woolverton, student council representatives, Sandra Owens and Jerry Lawrence.
  The Junior class is sponsored by Mrs. Jack Riley and Dewayne Carter. Officers for Mrs. Riley’s homeroom are; Joe Dempsey, president, Snookie Curtis, vice-president, Brenda Hodge, secretary, Angela Coates and Gary Kinney, student council representatives.

Officers for Mr. Carter’s homeroom are; president, Steve Roberts, vice-president, C. W. Wilson, secretary, Sandy Lay, student council representatives, Dan Smith and Danny Mapes.
  Senior sponsors are Troy Roberts and Mrs. Alta Vae Harris.

Officers for Mr. Roberts homeroom are; president, Ronnie Travis, vice-president, Tim Sockwell, secretary, Barbara Shelby, student council representatives, Mary Woodruff and David Laney. Officers for Mrs. Harris’ homeroom are, Jerry Barnett, president, Richard Davis, vice-president, Dianne Deen, secretary, Linda Gunter and Charles Cannefax student council representatives.


Please Paula – I have a terrible problem. It’s about this green jumper I have. I’ve received many compliments on it, but it always leaves me in a very embarrassing situation. When I move my arms, the straps fall. I’m always scared the rest of the jumper may fall with them. What can I do? Please help me!
Yours truly, Embarrassed.

Dear Embarrassed: You do have a terrible problem. I’ve thought about your problem very much. The final conclusion I’ve brought myself to is a choice between three things; (1) pin the straps to your blouse; (2) cross the straps; or (3) don’t wear the jumper anymore. This is your best bet.
Best wishes – Please Paula

See Past Issues!
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3


Tiger Tattler

  Dewees, did you and Charles find a new route to school Wednesday?
  Does anyone know why Mike Smith is first on the gym floor every morning?
  Dianne, what was the big rush on the football field Friday night?
  Nelda types so fast she throws her carriage off the machine.
  Janet Baker says she has had a lot of fun at school lately doing ‘nothing.’
  Nelda Hornbeck is a very individualistic person. She has a completely different routine from the rest of the band.
Lost One Slip, Owner, Sandy Lay, Last seen lying in the hall.
  Linda Flanagan, do you make it a habit of missing your chair in civics class?
  It isn’t every Junior High team who comes out of the huddle with five men in the backfield and six men on the line.
  Libby, how much is $17.50 divided by 5?
  Dale, did you try to pick up a hitch-hiker bigger than you could handle?
  Carolyn Ferguson and Paula Furrh what’s this about you two having Tommy and Wayne on the ‘Rocks’?   Joyce did you step all over them?
  Looks like this week the Action Girls really had a club house. At the hospital with Donnie and Steve.
  Joyce was it the thought of the game or Jimmy coming home that made you so nervous in the pep rally last Friday?
  Mrs. Strawn, did you know you look like Kim Novak?
  John Allen, why so many trips to Edgewood lately?
  What four senior girls in the fourth period P.E. tried to make their walk around the football field short by cutting across?
  Tim Sockwell asked Coach Davis to rerun the end of the game film but not to check his mistakes. He wanted to see Dianne walking him off the field.
  Steve, did you and Karen think Paula and Wayne were the police Saturday night?


   When asked the question, “Where did your name originate?” these were the responses.
Shelia Barnes – Because Shelia means “musical” and I am not. Editor’s note: “No lie.”
Carolyn Ferguson – They couldn’t find anything else to describe me. Editor’s note: “No lie.”
Jo Ann Shelby -- I think someone saw a shell and said “I’ll be.” And it became Shelby.
Libby Craft -- From a tomato juice can!
Sundy Mayfield—Sundy originated by my daddy because it was so unlike other names and he wanted to be different, I guess.
Janie Langley -- Janie was given to me because they thought I was a little witch, and witches are evil.
Dian Hughes -- No one else had such a name so mother wanted me to be different.
Robert Dickerson—They named me Robert after my daddy’s brother’s cousin’s uncle’s grandfather.
Linda Rusk—It was a common name.


Highway 80 Fund Drive Incomplete;
Success In Sight

  A preliminary report that was made on the Highway 80 Group drive for funds at a meeting Wednesday afternoon was encouraging, Odie Chitty, president of the group indicated Thursday. Several committees reported in with their drive completed with the exception of a few calls yet to make. A boost was given to the drive by a check received from Mrs. John E. Owens of Dallas for $100. Mrs. Owens is a former Wills Pointer, who has shown much interest in the program of the community, and who has contributed generously “to her old hometown.”
  Others who may not be contacted may participate in the drive by seeing any of the workers or mailing their checks to Wills Point Highway 80 Group, Arthur Lamar, Secretary, Wills Point.
  Mr. Chitty stated that a few of the committees are still working and urged that the members of these committees complete their work as early as possible and report their collections to Mr. Lamar.
  The funds from this drive will be a part of the $22,000 budget of the Highway 80 Association to promote the highway and strive to hold as much traffic on this vital artery as possible. The Highway 80 Association is an organization of communities on Highway 80 from Terrell to

Beneath Highway 80 through Wills Point is a layer of bricks just like the ones that pave the downtown streets. This picture of the paving crew was taken facing west in front of Jamieson’s Parts Service.

Catching up with...

  This week we're catching up with Chuck Allen, graduating class of 1966 is our tiger of the week. When I dropped by to interview him, he informed me that he did not know about this new part of the Tiger Cat. It seems that he’s been watching every week, but not scrolling down after the old articles. So he was surprised to hear that it was his turn to ‘tell it all’.
   After graduation Chuck went to Henderson County Junior College for a short time but then decided to serve his country. He joined the Navy in 1968 and was stationed in California. Not long after he arrived, he met a sweet young lady named Joan and in 1969 they were married. They lived there until his service time was over and in 1972, they moved back to the lone star state and Wills Point.
   When Chuck first came back home, he went to work at Hollandsworth Engineering and worked there for five years. Then in 1977 he went to work at the Garland Fire Department and he remained there for the next 25 years. He retired in June, 2002.
   Not long after they moved to Wills Point, Joan and Chuck welcomed their first son, Charles in 1973. Three years later in 1976, son John was born and then in 1978 Amanda joined the family. All three children are graduates of Wills Point High School. Charles is the emergency management coordinator for Van Zandt County and also the public information officer for the Wills Point Fire Department. John is the projectionist at the Majestic Theater. He plans to attend school to become a chef someday. Amanda is a stay at home mom but does some part time work at the Baptist Church Learning Center with her mom, Joan. Amanda’s son, Colin, is the ‘apple of his grandpa’s eye.’ He is Chuck’s only grandson but he and Joan look forward to many more grandchildren in the future!
   In 2003 Chuck had a major stroke that has left him limited as to ‘some’ things that he can do. He’s at home a lot and doesn’t drive anymore but loves talking on the phone with friends and ‘piddling around the house’. His favorite things to do are crossword puzzles and surfing the web. He’s proudest of his family and the 25 years that he spent in the fire protection profession. Chuck regrets not continuing with college. His life in five words or less.... Rewarding!

Chuck’s Memories of WPHS...
1) How do you remember WPHS? High school was one of the best times in my life.
2) What was a fun Saturday night with you back then? Cruising and going to the show.
3) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Usually going out to eat.
4) The funniest thing that you remember about WPHS? “Me, Mike Smith and John Conn got run out of Oklahoma one weekend. We were up there to see some girls that John knew and some big cowboys decided that we didn’t need to be there. We had been drinking a ‘little’ and when we got just outside of Edgewood we got stopped by the highway patrol. Mike begged the patrolman to call B.W.Ward and he said ‘no way I’m gonna wake him up in the middle of the night!’ so he followed us to Wills Point, at the city limits the WPPD were there and escorted us home. What a night! It wasn’t that funny back then, but I laugh about it now!”
5) Your proudest moment in high school? When I graduated.
6) A secret that we never knew? No secrets.
7) Who did you have a crush on and they never knew it? Paula Furrh.
8) Ever cheat on a test? Yep.
9) Who was your best friend? Glen Holt.
10) What’s the craziest thing that you two ever did together? One night I was going out to Glen’s house. I was way out on highway 751 and my car broke down. I hitched a ride to his house and we came back to town to Steve Steadham’s house. We took the part that was like the broken part on my car off of his Steve’s car. We went back out to Glen’s and he fixed the part off of my car by looking at the part that we took off of Steve’s car. We fixed my car and went back to town and put the part back on Steve’s car and then we went up town and messed around. I don’t know if Steve ever knew what we did.
11) Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Strawn.
12) What did she teach you that wasn’t in a book? The importance of friendship.
13) What is your biggest regret about school? My big regret is not playing football my junior and senior years. I really loved sports and I played my freshman and sophomore years. I regret not continuing football.
14) Your very ‘best’ moment in high school? Being asked to escort Joyce McFarland at homecoming and her being chosen ‘homecoming queen’. It was a real honor.
15) If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? I would apply myself more and take the learning part a little more seriously.

Around Town...

I went to see the Tigers play the Lions a couple of weeks ago and guess who was sitting on the row right behind me? Jackie Deen Ragland, class of ’67 and her husband Keith, class of 1964! I prepared to take her picture and she said ‘oh no!’ ... and I don’t know why. She’s just as pretty as she has ever been. Then I looked down the row and cousin Roy Deen, class of ’66 and his wife, Kelly were sitting with them! It was a ‘Deen Scene’! Hey there Jackie!


Most every day you’ll see this smiling face at the Brookshire’s grocery store in Wills Point. That’s because Jeff Oldacre, class of 1980, is the store assistant manager! He was busy at work but stopped long enough to visit and let me take his picture. His link to our year? Well, his dad used to be my insurance man, Peggy Vinson, class of ’66! (Yep, I can make a connection of ‘some’ type to everybody if I set my mind to it!) He’s a great WP young man! Hydi Ho, Jeff!


A few weeks ago I went by the flower shop to get a balloon and had a nice long visit with Sharon DuBose Evans, wife of Kirk class of ’68. Sharon grew up in Grand Prairie and graduated from high school there in 1968. She met Kirk one night while cruising the bricks in Wills Point and they’ve been together ever since. They’ve got two fine sons who both look just like their dad and a brand new daughter in law. She is one of the friendliest and nicest gals that I know. Kirk, you did good! She has owned Wills Point Floral for 20 years and I love calling her my friend! Hello, Sharon!


While out and about and looking at the gorgeous goodies at Bruce & Human, Pat and I ran into WP schoolmate Linda Kennemer Leath, class of ’69. She lives here in Wills Point, she’s retired but helps take care of Mom and the grandkids so she stays pretty busy. We asked about brother Silas class of ’67 who has been sick. She says that he’s home and feeling better. We visited for several minutes until hubby, Gene came in to see ‘what was the deal?’ She looked great! Good to see you Linda!


Hey, Champs!
Where Are You?

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   If you need help, just call Pat at 214-328-3919 and she'll enter it for you over the phone. Your friends would love to see you again!


State Champs DVD
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Don't forget that the State Champs DVD makes a great Christmas present! If you've got someone to buy for who has 'everything' ... give them a piece of Wills Point history!
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WPHS Football

The Wills Point Tigers suffered a painful defeat when the Mount Vernon Tigers inched by them 40 to 34 in double overtime Thursday night. They were tied 34 to 34 at the end of the fourth quarter and it was a hard fought game but Mount Vernon managed to get by them for the win.

 Remember this place?

  How many of you remember this place? Can you guess where and what this is? It’s the old T & P Lake Spillway! Yes, it’s still there! It looks a lot different but just being there made me want to ‘have a party’! The tree line is gone and all of the graffiti has been washed away but if you look real close, you’ll see that it’s still the same, just fenced off and privately owned. My name was there once, was yours? What a great place and what great memories!


A Bit of Trivia...

In 1965 ....
  Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC, introduces the PDP-8 (Programmed Data Processor), the first minicomputer, which, compared with the mainframe computer, is simple to operate and low cost ($18,000). It has 4K of ferrite core memory.
   The introduction of minicomputers is the beginning of widespread computerization of business and education. That year, the owner of DEC issued one of his famous challenges, stating that he foresaw the day when a software compatible computer should be able to fit on a desktop and cost less than $10,000. The result of that challenge was the PDP-8 minicomputer.


Cool Links on the Net

Here are some helpful websites!
www.snopes.com - Is it a hoax or not? Find out here before you send it to everyone.
www.foodtv.com - Surprise your family with great holiday recipes!

www.hgtv.com - Crafts, decorating, and more
www.diytv.com - The best 'how-to' on the net. This one has instructions and photos for every project or home repair.


Welcome to the World!

Pam Parker, Class of 1968 Proud Grandma! In case you missed this little trick or treater last week we want to give you a more formal announcement. Please meet, new little brother Jacob. He was born October 26, 2005 at 1:21 PM and weighed 7 lbs and 13 oz. Big sister, Chelsey and big bro' Justin couldn't be happier! Proud grandparents are Pam and Jerry Smith.

Play Ball!!!

Here's a picture of Raymond McEnturff, hubby of Sharon (Warner), as he umpired a baseball game between the First Baptist Church players and the players of the Cowboy Baptist Church. It was a great game and very close but the First Baptist boys inched by the Cowboys to win 15 to 13. These young men play every Thursday night and I would suggest to anyone who loves baseball to go out and watch. The games start at 7pm.

Jokes of the Week...
After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair. As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin. At last she threw a towel around her head and stormed into their room, putting them back to bed with stern warnings. As she left the room, she heard the three-year-old say with a trembling voice, "Who was THAT?"

Our five-year-old grandson couldn't wait to tell his father about the movie we had watched on television, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." The scenes with the submarine and the giant octopus had kept him wide-eyed. In the middle of the telling, his daddy interrupted Mark, "What caused the submarine to sink?" With a look of incredulity Mark replied, "Dad, it was the 20,000 leaks!!"

A Child's Logic: "Give me a sentence about a public servant," said a teacher. The small boy wrote: "The fireman came down the ladder pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked. Sure," said the young boy confidently. "It means carrying a child."

A grandmother was surprised by her 7 year old grandson one morning. He had made her coffee. She drank what was the worst cup of coffee in her life. When she got to the bottom, there were three of those little green army men in the cup. She said, "Honey, what are these army men doing in my coffee?" Her grandson said, "Grandma, it says on TV, "The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup!"

  Coach Hooks, at the start of the football season, was faced with a task of forming a team out of six lettermen. After giving them fundamentals during spring practice and during two weeks before school, a well rounded team was formed. It looked as though there might be a longed-for district championship. The line was heavy and experienced while the backfield was fast and shifty.
  The first game was with the visiting Crandall squad. The Tigers easily ran up a 25 to 0 score which might have been more if numerous substitutions had not been made. Coach Hooks got a good idea of his strength, both of regulars and reserves.
  The Emory eleven paid a visit to the Tigers for the second engagement of the year and went home after a 30 to 0 trouncing from a team composed mostly of Tiger second-stringers. This game showed that the starters would have to hustle if they intended to keep their jobs.
  The team next journeyed over to Kaufman to contest the Lions, under the lights. They played a great game and emerged victorious 12 to 0. Led by Green and Livesay, the Blue and White were exceptionally good on the defense. Hargroves was the fireworks of the offense.
  The next game was played under the lights at Mineola. The Tigers went into this game with a determination to avenge a last year’s defeat. During the first half they played the best offensive game of the year, running up 18 points. They let down in the third quarter and Mineola managed to score 13 points. Hargrove and Livesay were the stars. The Canton Eagles came to Wills Point October 30 with a determination to break the jinx the Tigers held over them. It looked in the first quarter as if they might be able to do it, but the Tigers rallied and ran up a total of 31 to the Eagles 6 points. Green, Livesay, Hargrove, and Peace stood out.
  The Tigers looked forward all year to tangling with their nearby rivals, the Edgewood Bulldogs. They went down to Edgewood to win; defeat was never on their minds. The final score was 31 to 0 in favor of Wills Point. It was their best game of the year and every man who played was a star.
  The annual Armistice game with Terrell was next on the program. During the first half, the game was all Terrell, but the Tigers managed to keep them from scoring. In the intermission Mr. Hooks rallied the boys and during the second half the Tigers went to town. They came home with a 12 to 0 victory.
  Wills Point, up to this time, had a perfect slate. But hard luck befell them. A man was proved ineligible and the Tigers were ruled out of the district race. This dampened the spirits of the Tigers but more hard luck came to them; as the saying goes, “Misfortunes come not in single spies, but in battalions.” Harley Peace, star fullback, was injured in practice on the eve of the Van battle. The Tigers were badly off and the Van Vandals trounced them 26 to 0.
  All of this was a bad pill to take but the Tigers came back on Turkey Day to hand the Grand Saline Indians a setback to the tune of 31 to 6. All of the seniors got to play as this was their last game, and they finished their high school career in a blaze of glory. This game let down the curtain on one of the best seasons in Tiger history. The record was nine wins and one loss. A great majority of this credit is due Mr. Hooks who made a fine team out of the material.
  Wills Point scored 190 points to the opponents 51, averaging 21.1 to the opposition’s 6. The leading scorer for the Tigers was Hargroves who made 78 points followed by Chester Sockwell with a total of 30 points.

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The Majestic Theater and movies we saw there!That's Entertainment!

Do you remember some of the movies and music from '65 and '66?

What was your favorite movie? The Majestic was the place to go on Saturday night to meet friends! All the movies from '65 and '66 are available on DVD today so now we can really watch the movies we told our parents that we saw 40 years ago!

Remember cruising? We'd make a few circles downtown ... go around the monument down to the end of main street, make a u-turn, do that three of four times ... then cross the tracks take a left at the light and head out to the Dairy Maiden 'or' Cowboys .... (according to who your talking to and what they called it) .... then you head back downtown ... or you stopped at Cowboys if you saw someone that you knew ... you left your car there if you were 'getting in' and 'riding around' with somebody else ..... ahhhh, those were the days!

Hey, gas was 31 cents a gallon in those days and there were plenty of cool cars. We were a real American Graffiti town!

We partied with our friends, played ingenious pranks on each other like pushing a car several blocks away, baby goats in the back seat, flashing emergency lights behind couples who were trying to park, and more that we can't list here. 

We have a place for your stories! Just log in to Passing Notes and post them there. Cruise through and see stories others have posted.

If you have trouble registering or logging in,
email me - Pat


If you'd like to hear music from our year and others, click anywhere on this line.

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Activities, Organizations and Memories! 

Although our football team was the biggest part of our history that year, a lot of us were taking part in other activities and school organizations. And just to bring back more memories, we included some of the movies and music from our great year.

Student Council
Mr. Troy Roberts, sponsor
Roy Deen, President and
David Teel, Vice President
Dianne Deen, Secretary

Sarah Strawn, sponsor
Joyce McFarland, Head Cheerleader
Nelda Penny, Senior
Kathy Martin, Junior
Janet Geddie, Sophomore
Dianne Dewees, Freshman
Marsha Coomer, Mascot

Candy Flowers, Drum Major
Sandy Lay, Junior
Jackie Deen, Junior
Sandra Owens, Sophomore
Melissa Hallman, Sophomore
Suzanne Lingold, Freshman
Karen Conn, Freshman

Tiger Band
"Presenting the 1965-66 Tiger Band!" Seventy-two members led by John Brown received honors such as a Division Two rating in the UIL contest; Division Three rating in concert; Division One rating in sight reading. The band performed at parades and community functions as well.

S.P.Q.R. Wills Point Chapter
Mrs. J. W. Simmons, Sponsor
Jerry Lawrence, President
John Holt, Vice President
Kathy Martin, Secretary

Speech Club
Mrs, Linnie Foster, sponsor
Steve Roberts, President
Kirk Evans, Vice President
Melissa Hallman, Secretary

F.H.A Chapter
Mrs. Glenn Roberts, Advisor
Willene Woolverton, President
Roy Deen, F.H.A Beau

F.F.A Chapter
J. T. Wiggs, Advisor
Glen Holt, President
Peggy Vinson, Sweetheart

Annual Staff
Sarah Strawn, Advisor
Dianne Deen, Editor in Chief
Alana Wilson, Assistant Editor
Ginger Roberts, Classes Editor
Chuck Allen, Sports Editor
Joyce McFarland, Organizations Editor
Ronnie Travis,