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  The Future Homemakers of American met on Friday to elect their FHA Beau for the 1965-66 school year.
  The boys selected to run for FHA Beau were Steve Dewees, Roy Deen, Snookie Curtis, C.W. Wilson, John Shepard, Steve Steadham, Charles Brannon, Dickey Mullin, James Hall, John Deen, Jimmy Langford, Charles Cannefax, Bruce Miracle and Chuck Allen.
   Each homemaking class voted by secret ballot which were turned in to Mrs. Evelyn Roberts, sponsor. The parliamentarian, Kathy Boston, and the sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Shelby, counted the votes.
   A run-off between Steve Dewees and Roy Deen was held on Monday with Roy winning the title.



   The FFA elected a sweetheart, a vice-president, and a student council representative Tuesday morning, October 5 at it’s second yearly meeting.
   John Conn was elected to serve as vice-president and Ronnie McFarland was elected student council representative. Peggy Vinson was elected as the FFA Sweetheart for the 1965-66 year.
   The District IV meeting was held in Grand Saline Wednesday, October 6. The boys attending were Glen Holt voting delegate, Cecil Adams, Win Murrey, Mike Sprague, and John Conn.


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  Please Paula: I have a very bad problem. I am very timid. I like to talk to boys but I can’t think of anything to say. Whenever I get around boys, I’m nervous and all thumbs. I am even nervous around other girls sometimes. How can I overcome my timidness? Timid.
   Dearest Timid: I understand timid people, you just haven’t been pushed into things, you only do them when they are necessary. If you would just let yourself go and walk up to boys and girls and say “hi” or “hello,” you would finally get the hang of not being shy. If you’ve got a shy personality, be proud of it. Some girls just aren’t shy enough. A shy girl is usually always a little more feminine than one that’s got the gaul to mix with boys and girls. Just don’t ever forget you are a lady and everything will be OK –
  Yours truly, Please Paula

Tiger Tattler

   Carolyn does Tommy know about that other guy in journalism?
   Janet Baker, who is your new boyfriend from Elmo?
Sure! Steve Dewees was sick last week!
   Linda Hitt, did you still think the grasshopper you dissected Monday was artificial after you squeezed it?
   The Tattler wonders if Mrs. Strawn has trouble with rubber bands in Journalism?
   Chuck, did you have fun Wednesday night playing “cops and robbers” with the Actions Girls?
   Dale’s new title is “chronic car wrecker.”
   Some of the high school kids are really thinking ahead. They are already wearing “Beat Jefferson” ribbons!
   Sundy Mayfield, were you really serious when you said you jumped out of the hospital window?
   Did the third period civics class have fun collecting their political cartoons?
   Bo-Bo Soap is Coach Carter’s latest nickname.
   Polly and Paula have a bad habit of sitting in the floor before English class.
   Roy, can’t you afford a ribbon or do you just think your art talent is better?
   Looks like John Shepard found his senior ring.
   Nelda has a lot of trouble getting stuck on the tops of lockers while putting posters up.
   Dianne and Ronnie’s latest pastime, flipping coins.
   Libby, how many ditches did you hit last Tuesday night?
   Joe Dempsey it is a good thing that Coach Carter taught you how to do push ups.
   Janet Geddie has quite a problem every time she uses her turn indicator, her horn honks!
   The word is going around that Brenda Hodge likes ‘younger men.”
   Candy Flowers, how do you pronounce TOMATO?    Wendy Conn, is it true you couldn’t figure out the picture you drew in Geometry?
   The Tattler heard that Mr. Massey was one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.
   A last word: Dianne Dewees, you weren’t supposed to hit Nelda in the pep rally skit!


Showing at
the Majestic

Sophia Loren and George Peppard share a love affair against a background of espionage during World War II in Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s “Operation Crossbow,” suspenseful spy drama in panavision and color. The new movie shows Sunday and Monday at the Majestic Theatre.


   When asked the question, “What is your idea of a true friend,” these were a few of the responses.
   Jeanie James – My idea of a true friend is one that will let me copy their paper.
   Debbie Murrey – My best friend would be nice, neat, and a boy. He would be taller than me and a football star, and have a neat car.
   Mike Smith (Soph) – A person who will lend you his car, money, his girl, his comb, his home work. He will give you food, shelter, and clothes off his back. That is a good friend.
   Pat Frost – A best friend is a person who knows your true personality and still likes you.
   Debra Wright – The definition of my best friend is she’s sweet, intelligent, kind, and studious. She takes participation in anything in which she’s acceptable. She’s also neat in appearance.
   Emerson Henderson – A best friend is someone who does not try to steal your girl or boy friend.
   Nancy Holden – A best friend is a person who won’t go behind your back and say something about you. One who shares problems and understands. One you enjoy being with.
   Suzanne Lingold – A handsome boy with a blue ford.
   Peggy Massey – My idea of a true friend is one that will loan me money when I need it.
   Pam Parker – To me a best friend is someone whom you can rely on when you are in need of help or companionship. Someone who will try to comfort you. Someone who won’t lie to you or talk about you behind your back. A best friend is someone you can have a lot of fun with, not someone to hurt or offend you. That is what a best friend is to me.



To the students of Wills Point High School, personal appearance and proper attire are to be given foremost consideration. The students dress neatly and cleanly and their apparel is appropriate. Jeans, slim jims, shorts, etc. are not considered appropriate attire for girls, nor does the school condone the use of hairnets or curlers. Girls may wear jeans or slacks on Friday, or during foul weather, such as snow, sleet, or freezing temperature. Masculine hair styles are kept short and becoming. If the hair is not cut short it is the principal’s responsibility to take disciplinary action. The responsibility of each student is to show good sportsmanship at every school activity. It is also their duty to keep the school grounds neat and clean during school and at activities.


Tiger of the Week!

  Our tiger of the week is Ann Mitchell, class of 1969. Most of you remember her as Ann Furrh. I stopped by Mitchell Engineering just as she was coming in from the grocery store with a gallon of milk and after putting it in the fridge, we sat down to ‘catch’ up.
  As you all know, Ann was one of the smarter students in school and graduated as the Valedictorian of her class.
After graduation she headed off to East Texas State University and four years later she received her degree. The very next month, in June of ’73, she married sweetheart Larry Mitchell. They moved back to the Wills Point area and for a short time Ann worked at the WP Chronicle. Then for the next ten years or so, she worked for Bob and Sue Brown in their insurance business.
  In July 1984 Ann and husband Larry opened a telecommunication engineering business in Wills Point and they are both still very actively involved with it. They welcomed their first son, Scott, in November 1984 and then son Colin joined the family in January 1986. Scott is currently a junior at Texas A&M and Colin (who followed in Mom’s footsteps and was also a WPHS Valedictorian) is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin.
  When asked about retirement she says that there are ‘no plans’. She enjoys the business and will most likely work until she’s tired of it. When retirement begins, her plans are to stay in this area but hopes that she and Larry will be able to do some traveling. Interests and hobbies include playing tennis with the Wills Point league on Monday nights and gardening. She is a Sunday school teacher and is involved with many church activities and of course, she loves to read.
  When asked what her proudest moments have been in life since school she says that it has to be ‘watching my children grow up and seeing their accomplishments’. She is a very proud Mom. In life, she has no regrets. My life has been good. Ann Furrh Mitchell’s life in five words or less --- “Blessed, I’ve been very blessed”.

Ann’s High School Memories.

1.) How do you remember WPHS?
I had so much fun. As a freshman, we all looked up to the older kids and we thought that they were really cool. I had a great time.

2.) What was a fun Saturday night for you back then? Just riding around. Cruising and going to the Majestic. I still love to go to that show.
3.) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Going to the boy’s college football games. We have season tickets to the A&M games so we go to a lot of them. We go to many of the UT games too.
4.) Funniest thing you remember about WPHS? Dress up day at school was fun. We all dressed up in western clothes and then we didn’t have school all day. We played games and just did nothing. That was great fun!
5.) Your proudest moment in high school? Being Valedictorian my senior year.
6.) A secret that we never knew?
I can’t think of secrets that I had.
7.) Who did you have a crush on and they never knew about it? Mickey Blake Robertson.
8.) Did you ever cheat on a test? No!
9.) Who was your best friend?
Karen Conn.

10. What’s the craziest thing that you two ever did together? I can’t think of anything that we did that was ‘crazy’. We were really good.
11. Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Roberts.
12. What did that teacher teach you that wasn’t in a book? Leadership and how to think for myself.
13. Your biggest regret? I think that I would have liked to be a cheerleader so I guess that I regret never trying out for that.
14. Your very best moment in high school? When I chosen Football Sweetheart. What a great honor!
15. If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? I was too serious in high school. If I could go back, I would enjoy it more.

Around Town...

  Here’s the ‘man with the plan’, the ‘coach with the most’ ... well ok, I’m not a poet. You all know this dapper looking fellow! Yes, it’s Coach Ken Autry Davis at Ken Autry Davis field Friday night watching the Tigers. He was cheering the boys on to victory but alas it was not meant to be. He sure thinks that they are a good team though! Of course you all know that he was the man who led us to the state championship in ’65. Hello Coach! We love seeing you!


This lady in pink is Kelly Deen doing a ‘do’ at her shop, Kelly Deen & Co. This pretty lady is married to Roy Deen, #21, quarterback of the ’65 State Champs and class of ‘66! You might not believe it to look at her but she’s been known to do some serious team roping. They have two little Tigers in school, Clay who throws a mean fastball, he’s 11 years old and Jana, a high school gal who I hear is a very good volleyball player! Howdy Kelly!


I was in the grocery store the other day and as I was walking out I turned to see someone who looked very familiar. Yes, it was Doris Nell Warren Moore, class of ‘71! Doris Nell has lived in WP since high school. She works part time and is married to Mac, a real nice fellow from Oklahoma. Her link to the champs year? Her brother Jimmy, class of ’68. Good to see ya, Doris Nell!


What is in the water at the Crosby house? Kay Laney just never gets older. What is the deal with that? She was at the football game watching her granddaughter cheer on the Tigers and I just had to get her picture! Kay is sister to David Laney, #26 on the ’65 Champs team, class of ’66. When she’s not ‘at the game’, you can find her carrying on her mother Fay’s Beauty Salon. It’s one of the oldest businesses in town! Hi Kay!


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WPHS Band Takes
Superior Rating At Mesquite UIL
Regional Competition

"We are very proud of our band program and the high level of achievement that they have attained." said John Young. The contest show this season was Music of a Day. Original music written by Key Poulan. The show is about how music fits in our hectic and crazy life. From morning going to work, a relaxed lunch, and the rush hour traffic home.   


Why is Wills Point being 'torn down'? The old McKnight house on O'Neal Street is being dismantled. I can't figure out why these great old places keep being discarded! It's places like these that give our little town it's personality. I remember when Ricky, Greg, James and Cindy were all growing up in that house and I sure hate to see it go!


A Bit of Trivia...

7/2/65 – Operation Rolling Thunder Begins Johnson approves Operation Rolling Thunder in February 1965 believing that a program of limited bombing in North Viet Nam will deter support for Vietcong.
  Operation Rolling Thunder was a frequently interrupted bombing campaign that began on 24 February 1965 and lasted until the end of October 1968.
  During this period U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho Chi Minh to abandon his ambition to take over South Vietnam. The operation began primarily as a diplomatic signal to impress Hanoi with America’s determination, essentially a warning that the violence would escalate until Ho Chi Minh "blinked," and secondly it was intended to bolster the sagging morale of the South Vietnamese. The Johnson administration also imposed strict limits on the targets that could be attacked, for China and the Soviet Union were seen as defenders of communism who might intervene if the North Vietnamese faced defeat. Consequently, the administration tried to punish the North without provoking the two nations believed to be its protectors.
  When Rolling Thunder failed to weaken the enemy’s will after the first several weeks, the purpose of the campaign began to change. By the end of 1965, the Johnson administration still used air power as an attempt to change North Vietnamese policy, but bombing tended to be directed against the flow of men and supplies from the North, thus damaging the enemy militarily while warning him of the danger of greater destruction if he maintained the present aggressive course. Rolling Thunder continued for three years.

Jokes of the Week...
Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked, "How old was your husband?" "98," she replied. "Two years older than me." "So you're 96," the undertaker commented. She responded, "Hardly worth going home, is it? ---

An elderly woman decided to prepare her will and told her preacher she had two final requests. First, she wanted to be cremated, and second, she wanted her ashes scattered over Wal-Mart. "Wal-Mart?" the preacher exclaimed. "Why Wal-Mart?" "Then I'll be sure my daughters visit me twice a week."

Photo Treats from Halloween!

This is Kolby, son of Ricky and Tammy and grandson of Sharon (Warner) McEnturff and husband Raymond. He is two years old and has three older sisters, Jayme, Jaycie and Jayla. He was a little pirate and I can tell you first hand, he was a good one!

Chelsey is 10 years old and is a little dancer. She has been in dance since the age of two and in dance competition for the last four years. Her MawMaw calls her Ms. Happy Feet! Chelsey also plays soccer and is now interested in tennis.


Justin is three years old. He likes dinosaurs and of course horses. Justin says that Trigger, the pony, is his best friend and he loves him. He likes being a cowboy and riding Trigger.

Jacob is a newborn, only five days old! He weighed 7lbs 13oz at birth. If you ask brother Justin about his baby brother he will tell you that "he sleeps and poops". Parents Gynnie Lynn and Jeremy are their proud parents. Mom and Dad were best friends in school from the 8th grade. These three cuties are the grandchildren of Pam Parker Smith, class of '68. Their mom, Gynnie Lynn is Pam's daughter. She says that son-in-law Jeremy is her 'hero' because when she has problems with the computer, he knows just what to do!

Here is Wendy Conn Kerr (class of '68) and her son Ryan at a Halloween party. Ryan is 20 years old and a graduate of Lake Highlands High School. He is currently attending Richland College and works at St. Bernards Sports in Dallas. He is a snowboader and loves attending concerts, especially country artists. This picture was taken at her company Halloween party. Wendy says that he has on a 'Joe Dirt wig' and that is NOT his real hair!


Dr. Kip Wingo’s Van Zandt Animal Care Center and Pet Resort held it’s 2nd annual pet ‘spooktacular’ event on Saturday, October 22 from 1pm till 4pm. Activities included pet costume contest, hot air balloon rides, door prizes, pet adoption and pet photography. About 15 contestants were entered in the pet costume event with Mosley, a pomeranian and Beannie, a blue heeler winning the blue ribbon for 1st place. They were dressed like Dr. Wingo and Dr. Ennis and their owners are the Mauldins of Wills Point. Second place went to a little dog dressed like a Hawaiian dancer and third place went to ‘Precious’, the pit bull. Dimmy, the Chinese pug, sure enjoyed all the festivities! Everyone seemed to have a woof-tastic time!

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