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Miss Fellers
Wins Refrigerator

Miss Lynn Fellers, 19 year old daughter of Mrs. Calvin Fellers, was the winner of a Westinghouse refrigerator given away by Walls Home Furnishings in Wills Point on September 2. Miss Fellers is seen here admiring the 14-ft frost-free refrigerator. It is a double door model and has a capacity of 117 pounds for frozen foods. Also seen in the picture are Ben Hobbs, left, and Terrell Walls, owners.



A sign erected in the Hiram community on Harry C. Smith’s land directs those persons traveling IH 20 to take the FM 47 exit to go to Wills Point and Lake Tawakoni. FM 47 is the best totally paved route to Wills Point from IH 20. The highway department has designated the Hiram-Wills Point road a Farm-to-Market road. When it is paved it will be the shortest distance on all-weather road from IH 20 to Wills Point. The sign, a project of the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce is 10 feet long and 11 feet high, K. C. Lybrand, Jr., chamber of commerce manager, reports.


  Girls and boys of Wills Point High School, do you have any troubles you need some help with? If you do, please ask "Please Paula." She'll answer your questions in each week's Tiger Cat.
   Just drop your problems on a piece of paper at Locker 34 and you'll be helped very soon. Don't be shy; just remember "Please Paula' can't work miracles, but she can try.

Tiger Tattler

  Polly, why were you running down the hall from Mr. Massey?
  Mr. Roberts' latest pastime: Drawing pictures of Judy Ditto on the board in chemistry.
  Linda Kennemer, what boy do you call a goose?
  Judy Morgan, did L. W. get mad because you let 4 other girls wear his jacket?
  The Tattler wants to keep it a secret that Chuck Allen is the Roving Reporter!
  Lost: One Senior ring.
  Owner: John Shepard
  Dianne Deen, have you sat down in the floor lately?
   Sundy, can't you tell the difference between a purse strap and Sandy Lay's foot!
   Can anyone tell us why some of the girls cry everyday in 4th period P.E. class? It couldn't be because of singing sad songs could it?
   Joe Dempsey thought it was so funny when he found a snake in his car, that he put it in Dianne's car!

    The newest fad: Action Teeth? Warren, are 3 sophomore girls “vandalizing” your car?  
    Richard, is it true that when your hands are warm, you are in love?
    Ronnie Clowers, why did you buy your lunch Wednesday? Could it be someone stole your sandwich?
    Margaret Ann, were you really cold Thursday or did you just want to wear a certain senior’s jacket?
    Gangway students! When Libby comes down the hall, she swings every thing she’s got!
    Danny Mapes, what’s this about your Bride and ‘Broom’s’ expense? Can’t you say Groom anymore?
    Charlie, did it hurt when you fell out of the Action Truck Thursday night?
    Joyce, can’t you see a pole before you run into it?


   Great school spirit was shown by the student body Friday morning, September 17, as the words "Beat the Vandals" rang out of the gymnasium during the pep rally.
   The speeches were made by the captains: John Shepard, Richard Davis and Wayne Langford; by Mrs. Sarah Strawn, cheerleader sponsor, and by Coach Dewayne Carter and Coach Ken A. Davis.
   The cheerleaders led the crowd in ten yells and the band played three numbers under the direction of John Brown. Some of the yells led were Great, WPHS, and Action to Win.
   At the conclusion of the rally, the student body repeated "The Lord's Prayer" and sang "Blue and White" while the Tiger Band played the school song.


Miss Flowers Is Named Queen For East Texas Day

Miss Linda (Candy) Flowers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Flowers, Route 3, Wills Point, and a junior in Wills Point High School, will represent the Wills Point Chamber of Commerce at the State Fair of Texas on East Texas Day, October 23. Miss Flowers will attend a tea in a garden on the fair grounds from 5 until 6 p.m. Later in the evening beginning at 8 o’clock she will be presented with other queens from towns in East Texas. Following the presentation they will enjoy the Cotton Bowl show. Mike Smith, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Smith, Wills Point, will be Miss Flowers’ escort. Sixteen year old Miss Flowers is a popular member of the junior class. She is drum major for the Wills Point band and participates in many other school activities.

Tiger of the Week!

Debbie (Murrey) Miracle

Our Tiger of the Week is Deborah Miracle. Some remember her as Debbie Murrey, Class of '69.
    After graduation Deborah enrolled in North Texas State University where she went to school two and one half years. Then in 1972 she married her high school sweetheart, Bruce Miracle (Class of '66). After marriage, they both attended the University of Texas at Austin where she received her degree.
    They lived in Dallas for a while but eventually moved to Houston where both of her children were born. In 1980, she welcomed daughter Elizabeth and in 1984, son David was born. Not long after that, she and her family moved back to Wills Point where she and Bruce now live. Elizabeth graduated from Texas Tech and received her Masters degree from TWU. She married Mark McBride in July and they live in Colorado. David is a junior at Texas Tech. Deborah helps her brother with the family business, Murrey Motor Company and hubby Bruce has a CPA firm in Terrell.
    When asked about retirement she says "there are no plans" and no thoughts of 'where' that might be or ... 'maybe the mountains?'.
     She loves gardening and antiquing, with a quilting class in store for after the holidays. She also shared her recent love of snow skiing with us but said that she hasn't been able to spend as much time doing that as she would like too.
    Her proudest moment since she left high school "would have to be anything that has to do with my children, there's been many proud moments there". Her biggest regret Deborah says, "not being the Christian person that I think I should have been at times".  
    Deborah Murrey Miracle's life in five words or less - blessed, fulfilling, busy.

Debbie Murrey's High School Memories:
1) How do you remember WPHS?
Great fun! Enjoyed it thoroughly!
2) What was a fun Saturday night for you back then?
Being with friends. Cruising.

3) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Eating out.
4) Funniest thing you remember about high school?
One Halloween we were having a balloon fight in town, like we all did back then, Ted Deen Jr. took a corner and the wheel came off his car!

       continued in next column...

Around Town...

Here's Karen Boswell, class of '66 doing what she loves to do, eating ice cream at the Dairy Queen.

Pat and I were out and about working on the website when... there she was .... our classmate from the halls of WPHS!
You can see her bio in Classes, 1966. Hi Karen!


Here's Betsy Davis Cavin, class of '73 working hard!

Betsy has all kind's of links to the Champs year, her brother is Ken Autry Davis, class of '56 and coach of the '65 State Champs, she's married to Ronnie Cavin, class of '70 and she works for Henry Hallman, class of '71. Nothing but WP alumni! I love it! Hey Betsy!


Tiger of the Week, continued

5) Proudest moment in high school?
Being Homecoming duchess.
6) A secret that we never knew?
No secrets.

7) Who did you have a crush on and they never knew it?
I'll pass on this one.

8) Ever cheat on a test?
I take the 5th.

9) Who was your best friend?
Peggy Massey.
10) What's the craziest thing that you two ever did together?
We tried smoking once, she threw up! It never happened again!

11) Favorite teacher? Mrs. Riley.
12) What did that teacher teach you that wasn't in a book? She was always very professional.
13) Biggest regret? I wish that I had taken the time to have more fun.
14) Very best moment in WPHS? When we won the state championship!
15) If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? Be kinder to people.

Current Gas Prices
Click here to check the prices in your Zip code.


WPHS Marching Band Goes To UIL State Marching Competition

    The Wills Point High School Marching Band learned Saturday that they would be going on to UIL State Marching Competition in San Antonio.
    The 136 member band will leave Sunday, October 30th and will perform Tuesday, November 1st at 11:30pm in the Alamodome. Wills Point was among five 3A bands that were chosen to advance to UIL State Contest. A grand champion will be chosen along with a second and third place for state.
    John Young has been a band director for the past 15 years and this is his first trip to UIL State. Mr. Young stated that "the parents and staff are really dedicated to the kids and that has helped the band in their endeavor to be the best that they can be".
    "Seven years ago they struggled to get the support from the community but after much hard work things have come together for us".  Mr. Young says that he has no doubt that this band can compete with the best in the state!
    We say good luck to Mr. Young and the WPHS Marching Band!


Did you know?

The use of the term hippie is first attributed to San Francisco Examiner writer Michael Fallon in a 1965 article. In 1966, then governor Ronald Reagan described a hippie as someone who “dresses like Tarzan, has hair like Jane, and smells like Cheetah.”

Ain't it the Truth...
I've sure gotten old! I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees. Fought prostate cancer and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. Have bouts with dementia. Have poor circulation; hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. Can't remember if I'm 85 or 92. Have lost all my friends. But, thank God, I still have my driver's license!
The WPHS Class of 1965/66 met for a 'girls only reunion' dinner October 15.
Seated left to right Sharon Warner McEnturff, Nelda Penny Chambliss, Peggy Vinson Baird, Mary Woodruff Langford, Linda Gunter Kerr. Standing left to right Libby Jo Craft, Pat Frost Lindsey, Laquita McCormick Fellers, Linda Flanagan Dees, Linda Earnheart Gober, Ginger Roberts Hess, Linda Rusk Lovell, Paula Furrh Grokett. The entire class will meet next summer for their 40th class reunion.

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The Majestic Theater and movies we saw there!That's Entertainment!

Do you remember some of the movies and music from '65 and '66?

What was your favorite movie? The Majestic was the place to go on Saturday night to meet friends! All the movies from '65 and '66 are available on DVD today so now we can really watch the movies we told our parents that we saw 40 years ago!

Remember cruising? We'd make a few circles downtown ... go around the monument down to the end of main street, make a u-turn, do that three of four times ... then cross the tracks take a left at the light and head out to the Dairy Maiden 'or' Cowboys .... (according to who your talking to and what they called it) .... then you head back downtown ... or you stopped at Cowboys if you saw someone that you knew ... you left your car there if you were 'getting in' and 'riding around' with somebody else ..... ahhhh, those were the days!

Hey, gas was 31 cents a gallon in those days and there were plenty of cool cars. We were a real American Graffiti town!

We partied with our friends, played ingenious pranks on each other like pushing a car several blocks away, baby goats in the back seat, flashing emergency lights behind couples who were trying to park, and more that we can't list here. 

We have a place for your stories! Just log in to Passing Notes and post them there. Cruise through and see stories others have posted.

If you have trouble registering or logging in,
email me - Pat


If you'd like to hear music from our year and others, click anywhere on this line.

You may need to wait until the music on this page ends. A new window will pop up.


Activities, Organizations and Memories! 

Although our football team was the biggest part of our history that year, a lot of us were taking part in other activities and school organizations. And just to bring back more memories, we included some of the movies and music from our great year.

Student Council
Mr. Troy Roberts, sponsor
Roy Deen, President and
David Teel, Vice President
Dianne Deen, Secretary

Sarah Strawn, sponsor
Joyce McFarland, Head Cheerleader
Nelda Penny, Senior
Kathy Martin, Junior
Janet Geddie, Sophomore
Dianne Dewees, Freshman
Marsha Coomer, Mascot

Candy Flowers, Drum Major
Sandy Lay, Junior
Jackie Deen, Junior
Sandra Owens, Sophomore
Melissa Hallman, Sophomore
Suzanne Lingold, Freshman
Karen Conn, Freshman

Tiger Band
"Presenting the 1965-66 Tiger Band!" Seventy-two members led by John Brown received honors such as a Division Two rating in the UIL contest; Division Three rating in concert; Division One rating in sight reading. The band performed at parades and community functions as well.

S.P.Q.R. Wills Point Chapter
Mrs. J. W. Simmons, Sponsor
Jerry Lawrence, President
John Holt, Vice President
Kathy Martin, Secretary

Speech Club
Mrs, Linnie Foster, sponsor
Steve Roberts, President
Kirk Evans, Vice President
Melissa Hallman, Secretary

F.H.A Chapter
Mrs. Glenn Roberts, Advisor
Willene Woolverton, President
Roy Deen, F.H.A Beau

F.F.A Chapter
J. T. Wiggs, Advisor
Glen Holt, President
Peggy Vinson, Sweetheart

Annual Staff
Sarah Strawn, Advisor
Dianne Deen, Editor in Chief
Alana Wilson, Assistant Editor
Ginger Roberts, Classes Editor
Chuck Allen, Sports Editor
Joyce McFarland, Organizations Editor
Ronnie Travis

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